Aj McCloud

Aj McCloud

What's My Wife Cooking: Home Alone...

Home Alone

1 pack of hot dogs
1 pack of buns
1 bag of potato chips
1 2-Liter of your favorite drink
Ketchup, mustard and relish (optional)

Remove 1 hot dog from package
Remove 1 bun from package
Place hot dog in the bun
Cover hot dog with a paper towel and place it in the microwave
Shut the microwave door and set the time on 30-45 seconds
Push the start button

While cooking:
Put ice in your glass and pour your drink
Find appropriate seating position in front of the tv
• don’t forget the remote control

After cooking:
When microwave beeps your hot dog is done
Open the door, get your hog door and dress it as you desire
Open the bag of chips (follow directions on the bag)
Head to your easy chair and enjoy!

Repeat the above steps if 1 hot dog is not enough.

Note: check local listings for time and channel of your games, movie, etc…


***Sorry, after doing all of this, I forgot to take a picture to post!


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