Aj McCloud

Aj McCloud

Where Are They Now Wednesday: Trace Adkins...

Trace Adkins has entered rehab after falling off the wagon during a cruise on which he was performing.
He was had an altercation with a look-alike on the cruise.
Trace had been sober for 12 years.

An offer of free drinks just isn't cutting it for Trace Adkins fans who were on the cruise on which he was to perform.
When Trace left the ship in Jamaica for rehab, after arguing with an impersonator, passengers were offered free drinks as a means of placating them.
Unsurprisingly, that left many cruisers very unhappy.
Trace's camp is trying to make good by offering dissapointed passengers free tickets and meet-and-greets for future shows.
That doesn't help some passengers, who paid thousands of dollars to go on the cruise, because they live in other countries.

Trace Adkins confronted the look-alike on the cruise, no punches were exchanged, but it looks like it pretty intense.

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