Cute Couples!

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    Our very own Dan McClain and his wife, Karen!

    WDRM's AJ McCloud and his wife, Mary
    Morning show co-host Josie and her sweet thang.
    Take a look at Stuart Langston and his wife, Jamie.
    WDRM's digital content director Beth Ridgeway and her husband, Justin.
    Samantha Greenwell and her cutie!
    Debbie & Husband
    Song: Amazed by Lonestar
    'My husband is my life! We have so much fun together playing games, watching movies, enjoying the river...enjoying each other! :) We talk all the time about how our love just keeps getting better. I am truly amazed by him and so in love with him!'
    Andrew & Wife
    Song:Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton
    Me and my lovely wife of 14 years.
    Angie & Chris
    Song: Honeybee by Blake Shelton
    Chris & Angie in Orange Beach soaking up the Sun on first vacation together.
    Ambra and Shane
    Song: Mine Would Be You
    This is my amazing hubby Shane AKA Pood. He is the hardest working man I know so romantic nights out are few and far between.
    Robert and Carolyn
    Song: I Loved her First By Heartland
    'Valentine Day is my 22nd Wedding Anniversary . We are a very Happy Couple Go to Church live Right i think this has a lot to do with a happy home . So Thankful for my wonderful Husband ..'
    Jessica and her husband
    Love Me Tender
    'This was the day before we got married and 2 weeks before our daughter was born. So very happy, so very much in love. '
    Holly and her Husband
    Song: When I Look Into Your Heart
    'Having four kiddos between 3 and 8, we don't have a lot of alone time. Add to that the fact that he a UPS driver, and works long hours, so our time is cut even shorter! We love any time we can get to ourselves! '
    Frankie and Linda Hold
    Song: It's Your Love
    'After 27 years of marriage, he's still the love of my life! '
    Jaclyn and Husband
    Song: When You Say Nothing At All
    'We love our simple life! My husband is my very best friend! Happy Valentines Day!'
    Amber and Husband
    Song: Life's a Dance
    A night out in Las Vegas
    The Rocha Couple
    Song: Valentine by Martina McBride
    'My husband and I have know each other since I was 11 and he was 13. I have been in love with him since that time. It took him 13 1/2 years to ask me out and we were married 02/14/2012 and we have a beautiful daughter together and 2 children not together. We would love to win for our 2 year anniversary. We love you 102.1.'
    Robert and Connie Sawyer
    Song: Will you Still Love Me by Chicago
    'Married 25 years with 3 daughters!!'
    Allison and Husband
    Song: I Got You Babe by Sonny and Cher
    'This picture may not be your ideal "cutest couple" picture, but this one totally shows exactly who we are in our relationship! Total goofballs! :)'
    Jennifer and Husband
    Song: You had me from hello by Kenny Chesney
    'Me and my husband at my cousin's wedding. We will be married 12 years this June. '
    Katie and Her other half
    Song: Lego House
    'This picture was taken on our first vacation together. It was to NYC for NYE. '
    Christy and Jackie
    Song: When I Said I Do by Clint Black
    'My husband and I got married at a young age, I was 17 and he was 21. No body believed it would last being that we were so young however we have shown them that with true love you can overcome any obstacles. Jackie and I, will be celebrating our 8th year wedding anniversary this coming April. '
    Phyllis and Husband
    Song:When Somebody Loves You
    'We were having family engagement pictures taken with all 6 of our children (my 2 and his 4), when the photographer suggested we kiss each other. Well, his 9 year old thought that was Gross. He was going EWWWWWW!! and we both were laughing. '
    Lindsey and Bo
    Song: I Love the Way You Love Me by John Michael Montgomery
    'I absolutely adore this man. He would do anything thing in this world to make me happy and I would do the same for him. He is my best friend. I could tell him anything. The best thing is that he loves me all the time, not just when I'm my best. His love never changes. He has stuck with me through extremely hard times in my life when I was not very lovable. I am so blessed to have found a man like Bo. '
    Mr. and Mrs. Gardner
    Song: Make me Believe by Sugarland
    'My husband and I just celebrated our two year anniversary in December. Last year was a tough one. I went back to work after staying at home with our two boys for a year, then we got pregnant but miscarried 10 weeks later. My husband has gotten us through the worst of times with his nurturing heart and faith in the Lord. If anyone deserves to win, it's him. He is truly God-sent. I love him more than words can say and I would be elated to share a night out with him to celebrate us and our love for one another'
    Amanda and Husband
    Song: U Got It Bad
    'This is me & the love of my life at the beach :) We are fixing to celebrate our 9 year wedding anniversary!!'

    Song: Beat This Summer
    'Dec 30,2011 The day we got married Me and my husband would love too go see Amy grant and Vince gill he is one of my favorite singers we don't get much free time because we have a 6 month old and 2 other kids they go to there moms on weekends but my husband has to spend his time working because of our money problems so this would be an amazing time for us'
    Haley and Lance
    Song: God Gave Me You
    We are engaged and expecting our first little girl in March! :)
    Dawn and Greg
    This is me and my first love Greg Marshall, We dated for a year when I was 13 and he was 16. That was in 1978, we broke up and went our separate ways and years later found our way back to each other. Going strong for 3 years now.
    Amy and Barry Martin
    Erich and Sherry
    Morgan & her sweetie
    Song:I Keep On Loving You
    We still love each other despite our hatred for each others teams. :)
    Crystal and fiance Jimmy
    Song:It Goes Like This by Thomas Rhett
    Kelly and Husband
    Song: Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You
    'This would be the best valentines day ever if we won this. out of 3 and a half years of marriage me and my husband haven't really got to celebrate valentines day so if we could win this it would make up for all the times we didn't get to celebrate.'
    David and KerrieBeth Lewis
    Song:I thought I Loved You Then by Brad Paisley
    'David and I make a cute couple because are hearts are happy! We know that God placed us in each others lives because we were perfect for one another. We hunt and fish together and we enjoy the outdoors. And we love teaching our beautiful miracle about Gods love and Grace. '
    Shelby and Rebecca Brandon
    Song: Love as True as Mine
    'This is my husband and I after a day of 4 wheeling at Little River Canyon. Its my favorite pic of the two of us!'
    Lorene and Matthew
    Song: Amazed by Lonestar
    'When this picture was taken, Matthew and I had been together less than a year. I was a bridesmaid in his aunts wedding and when she threw the bouquet I was the one to catch it, and when her husband threw the garter Matthew caught it, so he had to put the garter on me, it was awkward at the time but so much fun! Now we have been together 3 years and are still in love more than we ever dreamed we could be!'
    Ashtin and her cowboy
    Song:Cowboys and Angels
    'We met at the roping pen and have never left each other's side. I knew from the moment I saw him that we would be together forever. We got married this past August at the local courthouse. This would be a wonderful night for the two of us.'
    Julie Bradford and her sweetie
    Lori Williams and her love
    I love this pic of us, it makes me feel so loved and wanted by just looking at his closed eyes and warm smile.
    Herman and Tanya Wallace
    Song: It's Your Love - Tim McGraw
    A picture of my husband Herman and myself. We have been married for 16 years and have 2 wonderful children.
    Mike and Angel Vanderford
    Song: Love of my life by Sammy Kershaw
    Mike and I have been together almost 14 years (married 10). We have 3 children and would love a night out just the two of us. We both love Vince Gill and this would make a special evening for us.
    Kimberly Pate & hubby
    Song: You make it look so easy by Eric Church
    Favorite picture from our wedding day on September 7, 2013.
    Josh and Angie
    Song: All We Ever Find by Tim McGraw
    We have been married 8 years and still going strong:)
    Tina and Stacy
    Song: You're still the one
    Me and my husband Stacy drive to another one of our kids baseball tournament
    Josiah and Sarah Huffman
    Song: Everything by Lifehouse
    Josiah and I have been together for 11 years, and this April we will be married for 10 years. We have three beautiful children and keep Jesus as the center of our marriage. Our first Valentine's Day date was a concert in Athens, this would bring back such good memories for us. We love Amy Grant and Vince Gill! :-)
    Nancy Horton & Husband
    Song: Just the way you are by Billy Joel
    On a business trip to Washington, D.C., we were given the greatest opportunity in the world. We were taken to dinner across the street from the White House.This is my favorite picture of us. The view from the restaurant was breathtaking and our excitement shows on our faces,
    Joe and Melissa Gregory
    Song: Only you can love me this way
    This is us at the Toby Keith (Brantley Gilbert & Thomas Rhett) concert in Albuquerque, NM in 2012. Amazing outdoor venue with the love of my life!
    Kristy and Alex
    Song: "Then" by Brad Paisley
    This was right after Alex proposed in Central Park in New York. He flew Kristy there to "visit" his sister but had their engagement planned the whole time! They have been together for 8.5 years and will be getting married this summer in Mexico. Kristy is my sister and I wanted to send this in for them because they are saving money to travel for the wedding and I thought this would be a great surprise for them. I love this couple so very much and they are very deserving of a great night out for valentines day!
    Ashli Corsslin and her love
    Song: "Then" by Brad Paisley
    This is my favorite picture of us, It is our engagement picture. After only 4 months of dating, we knew we were meant to be together.
    Kayla Cole and Husband
    Song: Not a Moment too Soon
    William and I were best friends before we started dating. I went through hell with a previous relationship, and he was there to help me through everything after that relationship ended. Our friendship caught on fire and became the most amazing love. We dated for 2 1/2 years before he proposed, and we were engaged for 6 months. We had a little white church wedding on Oct. 19, 2013. Only a few weeks later Nov. 14th I had back surgery. We found out on Dec. 8th we were pregnant with our first child, and last week miscarried. Life is definitely a rollercoaster, but I have the most amazing best friend as a husband to ride this wild ride with.
    Samantha Cheesman and New Husband
    Song: "Me And You" Kenny Chesney
    October 5th 2013, the best day of my life!
    Laura Certain and Husband
    Song: God Bless the Broken Road
    Kissing the Baby. This picture is still one of our favorite pictures from our wedding because we were the couple that had ever odd against us and God still has us going strong. We both werent looking for love, we both were cheated on by our past relationships. But God deffinately had a different plan. We met in January 2007, found out we were pregnant the end of February, and got married May 5th, 2007.
    Leann Cagle and husband
    Song: I Knew I loved you before I met you by Savage Garden
    One this day, August 11, 2012 I married my everything on our 3 year anniversary. I am truly grateful and blessed that he choose me to spend the rest of our days together. With him, I am capable of anything. I look forward to the days that have yet to come. I look forward to the struggles, the challenges, the ups and downs. For we know they WILL make us stronger. I love him for always allowing me to be myself, and for providing encouragement and financial support to allow me to follow my dreams in becoming a nurse. I love him with my whole being. This picture is simply described as "A LOVE OF FRIENDSHIP THAT GREW INTO TRUE LOVE"- Leann Cagle
    Leah and her husband
    Song: I Will Be Here, Steven Curtis Chapman
    'We have been married for almost twenty four years, and while we might not be considered cute by some, we think we are. The cute just gets better as time goes by!'
    Josh and Lindsey
    Song: Carolina
    Their First Date

    Josh & Tara Cochran
    Song: From This Moment- Shania Twain
    'This picture sums us up pretty well! We love just being silly! This will be our first Valentine's Day married, but our 7th together as a couple! Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! Spend it with those you love most:)'
    Drew & Katie
    Song: Make you feel my love by Adele
    Wedding day 12-01-12 It was love at first sight for us! Met and married within a year! Not a day goes by that I don't thank God for sending me this man! He's my better half!
    Lauren and her boyfriend
    Song: Linger by The Cranberries
    My boyfriend and I enjoying a kiss in the sand.
    Amelia & Andrew
    Song: Overwhelmed by Tim Morris
    We met in highschool but as he says I was miss popular and never distinguished him from anyone not in my "group" but one day he choose to steal my number from my girlfriends phone and then he stole my heart . Two years strong and many more to go !
    Tanya and her Husband
    Song: Do I
    We were married in Gatlinburg April 20th 1996.... This photo is of us that our daughter took 15 years later! Love the water falls!
    Christine Vargas and her hug buddy
    Song: All of me (John Legend)
    We were just at home and had my friend take the pic. He likes it because I had to tip my toes to hug him
    Amanda Garcia and her sweets
    Song: Nobody by Keith Sweat
    I've always loved you, baby!!